Trace elements play a vital role in top performance

Trace elements deficiencies in lambs after weaning are common and noticeably impact growth and performance. Lambs need to receive the optimum levels of trace elements to maximize growth rates and health which will determine finishing time and profitability.

Tracesure lamb finisher, an intra-ruminal, leaching bolus, uses unique and proven leaching technology to provide slow release supplementation of the 4 essential trace elements at known and optimum levels for approximately 5-months.

Tracesure boluses are easily given to ruminant animals using a specially designed Animax applicator. The bolus enters the animal’s rumen/reticulum and lodges there and the trace elements leach out from the bolus at a known and safe rate. Spent boluses eventually become enlarged and are shed naturally.

Ensuring the correct balance of trace elements is available to lambs has many advantages. An increase in production by maximising feed conversion allows lambs to utilise feed/forage availability which in turn reduces costs and the need for potential extra concentrates, ideal for either a low input forage-based system or intensively reared system.

Improving overall health and vigor with good levels of Cobalt which allows lambs to produce B12 resulting in viable feed conversion rates, optimum levels of Selenium and Iodine, ideal for those lambs destined to join the breeding flock.

One application will provide cover for up to 150 days (5months) so this will also reduce the handling of lambs appose to multiple mineral drench applications while reducing the days to slaughter.

All can result in earlier finishing times, giving farmers the opportunity to catch the higher market price, this year has proved to be very challenging with very little let up so with a focus on maximising returns by doing this it will have a positive impact on performance and more importantly profitability.

Sheep and Lambs

Nematodirus is normally the first gut worm to cause a problem in young Lambs in the spring. It is spread from one lamb crop to the next, as most Nematodirus eggs overwinter, hatching in the spring when the temperatures rise. The current weather conditions have been ideal for early hatching which has resulted in a couple of local outbreaks already early on in the season. The weather has a massive impact on our parasites and the days of having ‘a one wonder suits all’ fix or doing the same year in year out have gone due to the change in our weather patterns and anthelmintic resistance.

If you can avoid having young lambs on the same ground grazed by lambs the previous summer will greatly reduce the risk from Nematodirus. Although this is not always avoidable by doing that or where it isn’t possible to do so the SCOPS Nematodirus forecast is a very useful tool and indicator of what is happening in our area, follow the Nematodirus forecast https://www.scops.

Regular FEC (faecal egg count ) testing throughout the season in ewes and lambs can also help to prevent the build-up of eggs on the pasture, which will benefit in the months and year ahead to prevent mass burdens building up on the pasture. FEC testing happens every 3 weeks throughout the grazing season, which we test in house with same-day results. Testing counts the number of worm eggs in the dung and is used to monitor the worm burdens, it is measured in eggs per gram which is an indication of the number of adult worms in the gut.

How will FEC testing with us work for you?

We will help you to plan to get the most potential from grazing ewes and lambs and help you to identify worm numbers and wormer resistant populations.

We will provide drench checks after treatments, to ensure the anthelmintic group used is fully effective.

Saving you money from buying unnecessary doses of wormer.

Individual one off tests and season cover available.

Same day results and a single point of contact for the whole season to be on hand to answer any questions you have in regards to your testing or results.

Available in our whole trading area from the Northeast of England – South Scotland with our free FEC postal service.