With the ongoing energy crisis and the situation in Ukraine, it seems that no sector is exempt from market turmoil and of course this includes dairy hygiene products. In recent weeks we have seen price rises across the board, but some lines are experiencing far greater increases depending on their ingredients. Products containing iodine and phosphoric acid for example are particularly vulnerable to price fluctuations with all our suppliers reporting problems sourcing raw materials.

What does this mean for the customer? We do not expect to see these products becoming unavailable, but they will be more expensive. For those milk producers who use iodine-based teat sprays/dips it will be prudent to monitor the price and consider iodine blends or alternative active ingredients completely. Chlorhexidine and lactic acid-based sprays and dips have taken less of a hit and would be an effective option for udder hygiene.

Phosphoric acid is widely used as a descaler and milkstone remover and is also found in “nightwash” products and alongside the alkaline cleaner on bulk milk tanks. Whilst there are alternative products on the market, it is still the best product to use as it is less aggressive to the equipment. A word of warning – all our equipment suppliers advise against using nitric acid for that reason. Nitric acid is cheaper than phosphoric and tends to be seen in “budget lines”.

At Aspatria Farmers we are trying to mitigate these issues by streamlining our product range and offering the most effective products at competitive prices. You may find the products we offer are different to what has gone before but rest assured they will do the job and maintain your quality standards.