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JFC Calf Feeder Cumbria

The Number 1 Selling Calf Feeder

Aspatria Farmers are the UK’s number 1 seller of the JFC Automatic Calf Feeder, a labour saving, automatic feeding machine for calves.
James Housby, Service Manager, Aspatria Farmers said ‘We have sold and successfully installed a significant number of machines in the last 12 months. With a large and increasing number enquiries already this year, the feedback we are receiving from farmers is excellent and we are pleased to be helping save vital time and resource.’
This labour-saving machine measures, mixes and dispenses temperature-controlled milk to calves automatically. The Evolution can differentiate between calves assisting them to achieve their full growth potential while helping you reduce farm labour costs.
James McGrath, Sales Manager of JFC Evolution said ‘The JFC Evolution automatic calf feeder ensures consistency of feed, saves valuable labour, and can be tailored to your specific needs. It's the ultimate solution for seamlessly feeding your calves, offering ease of use and maintenance. At JFC Agri, we work with local partners like Aspatria Farmers to help revolutionize your calf rearing.’
Key Features: • Machines available to feed up to 4 calves simultaneously
• User friendly and easy to calibrate
• Quick calf registration via RFID technologies
• Automatic Cleaning Cycle
• Each calf is assigned to one of 7 customisable Feed Curves relative to their nutritional needs and your rearing objectives
• Once programmed the Control Unit takes complete control of each calf’s feeding schedule
• Each calf’s feed performance is consistently monitored on a user-friendly, 7-inch touch screen display and for ultimate convenience, this information is also available anytime, anywhere online or on the Evolution App.
• Calves are monitored via a traffic light system. Calves not consuming their full, daily feed allocation are immediately highlighted for further inspection.
• The historic feed performance of each calf is recorded and presented via dynamic charts.

This product is also available on the newly launched 2024 FEFT Government Grant, enabling farmers to streamline and simplify their day to day workload. Contact us for more information on the JFC machines James.Housby@aspatriafarmers.co.uk / 01228 792906

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