Our Services

We offer a huge range of services, from feed, to fertiliser, pet supplies to parlours and parts, the list is endless.

Cows Feeding

Feeds and Blends

We are the leading feed seller in the North of England. Offering independent feed advice on farms at the best possible price, always. 

Dairy Engineering

Our Longtown Dairy Centre offer all types of dairy engineering and electrical installation requirements. New parlour installation or enhancements, the team are here to advise.


Farm Consumables

We stock a wide range of farm essentials. From silage sheets & wrap to waterproof clothing, milk socks and liners, buckets and dairy wipes to tools and spare parts. 

Dairy Hygiene

As a dairy focused business, we work closely with leading brands to offer our farmers high quality, cost effective hygiene solutions. 

Animal Health

Our team of qualified SQP/ Registered Animal Medicine Advisors supply members with  best practice advise and guidance.

FECPAK Testing

Faecal testing service to detect and diagnose Fluke & Worms in Cattle & Sheep.

Block Buckets & Liquid Feeds

Offering a proven range of bulk liquid feeds, bagged minerals, cattle and sheep energy licks, tubs and buckets. 

Livestock Feeding & Handling Equipment

We carry a large range of equipment from leading suppliers such as Ritchie, Agri-Kit, JFC, IAE, Galebreaker and more. Feed barriers, cattle crushes, gates, posts, troughs, ventilation, hurdles, calf feeding and more.


Our trained BASIS & FACTS qualified agronomists provide advice on types of crops, pesticide, insecticide and disease management from `soil to harvest` for all your cropping input requirements


We are a leading supplier of Fertilisers to farmers across Cumbria, S W Scotland and Northumberland. Trading in Fertiliser for over 150 years we offer knowledge and  independent advice from our FACTS qualified staff supported by superb service from our own fleet of HGV`s. An assurance that our service and  advice will deliver maximum return on investment.

Additives & Preservatives

We provide market leading research proven forage products providing the best solutions to forage conservation and preservation giving you peace of mind at ensiling, baling or harvest.


Our range of Grass Seed Mixtures have been developed and refined over many years supplying  many livestock farmers. Our mixtures provide the building block to deliver maximum efficiency for milk and meat production from grass and forage.


We offer a range of bespoke farm machinery, working with leading brands to provide solutions for those essential jobs on Dairy, Beef & Sheep Farms. Specialising in general machinery repair, installs and maintenance of slurry scrapers and separators, our highly experienced workshop team are on hand to provide that all important service and support.


We supply fuel to our farming members. Prices are sourced on a daily basis from a number of suppliers ensuring the most competitive price and service at all times.

Home and Garden

A range of essential home and garden products, from washing up powders and disinfectants, light bulbs, composts, hosepipes & fittings, gloves, garden and power tools, wheelbarrows, painting and decorating, toys and much more in store.

Clothing & Footwear

Leading outdoor clothing brands and must-have waterproof clothing to keep you dry as it sometimes rains in Cumbria!

Wellingtons and footwear to suit all requirements,  hats, gloves, socks and more, all the outdoor essentials in our stores- Give us a call.



A comprehensive range of Horse feeds & supplements, bedding, haylage, grooming, equine wear and more. 

Dog shop


Dog, cat and small animal food, bedding, coats, toys and accessories. 

Pest Control

We stock a wide range of rat and mouse bait, traps & cages. We also stock mole traps, bird scarers and innovative bait-free rat traps.

Bird Seed

We stock a range of wild bird seed in small bags, up to 25kg. Fat balls, nuts, suet and energy blocks for the local birds in both summer and winter.  We also stock a range of aviary bird feed for parrots and other tropical birds.

Children's Toys and Clothing

For the littlest farmers of the family, we stock Bruder, John Deere, Tractor Ted and more toys. Wellingtons, waterproofs, country wear and show jackets, we will have something for you.

Machinery Repairs

Farm Improvements

From Cattle and Sheep handling systems, equipment repairs, shed upgrades and livestock comfort, including a design service. 


We offer a wide range of services, contact us directly at Customer Services on:  016973 20207 to make an enquiry

Yes – we have a fantastic in house team that drive our HGV’s. Delivery charges apply, please speak with a member of our team on 016972 20207.

If the item you are looking for is not stocked in your chosen store; Aspatria, Longtown or Plumpton, we can order it into store free of charge for you. Please speak to a member of the team. 

Yes of course, whether you are looking for feed and nutrition advice, agronomy, animal health machinery, shed improvement or handling systems, we can come to you. Our experienced team can review your operation and advise accordingly. 

Client Testimonials

'I cannot fault the team who advise me on my 500 dairy herd, whether it's feed blend, animal health or dairy chemicals. The delivery lads always do a great job.'
Mr Jackson
'We installed a Pearson Dairy Parlour this year with Aspatria Farmers. The work standard from the team has been unbelievable. Owen and the team have gone above and beyond'.
Dairy cows in Parlour
Adam Walton
'Following advice from the Dairy Hygiene team, we switched teat dip to Triathlon after seeing a few cell count problems. Since this, we have seen a dramatic decrease in cell count issues.'
Sandra Gray