Browns Viceroy Subsoiler

  • Fits cat 2 three-point linkage
  • Adjustable 410mm swivel coulter
  • Blades made from special high grade carbon steel
  • Blades protected by a shear bolt
  • Maximum depth 560mm
  • Maximum leg centres 1610mm
  • Parking stands supplied as standard
  • Maximum weight transfer to tractor rear wheels
  • Subsoiler comes complete with wings

Optional Extras

  • Subsoiler Wing Kit
  • Subsoiler 3rd Leg, Discs & Wings
  • Subsoiler Blade
  • Crumbler Roller
  • Flat Roller


Excessive soil compaction impedes root growth and therefore limits the amount of soil explored by roots. This, in turn, can decrease the plant’s ability to take up nutrients and water. The adverse effect of soil compaction on water flow and storage may be more serious than the direct effect of soil compaction on root growth.

The Browns Viceroy Grassland Subsoiler is a tillage tool which will improve growth in all crops where soil compaction is a problem. Browns Viceroy Grassland Subsoiler can disrupt hardpan ground down to 560mm in depth.