Fleming In-Line Grass Topper

  • Heavy duty one-piece 3MM deck with reinforcing beams across the length of the body for absolute rigidity
  • Heavy duty, galvanised chain support
  • Galvanised headstock, guards and skids
  • Reinforced 4MM sides with convex skids
  • Heavy duty sprung steel rotors, fitted with specially designed long-life hardened steel cutting blades with offset flute to disperse the grass evenly
  • Gearbox and rotors mounted on a one-piece, heavy duty central base plate with structural box support for use on rough terrain
  • Floating headstock for constant ground contact and even cut
  • PTO with over-run and shear bolt protection against rotor impact
  • Double jaw support lift arms brackets with Cat. 2 lift arm pins
  • 55HP Comer gearbox with straight drive-line protected by rubber couplings on standard model

Heavy Duty Model

  • Heavy duty model has 75hp gearbox
  • Heavy duty model has flexible knuckle drive line, protected by rubber couplings
  • Heavy duty model fitted with fluted blades and 4 additional straight blades for mulching effect when cutting


The Fleming Agri 9FT in-line grass topper has a durable and steady design. It is the perfect machine for use on agricultural land as well as for use on playing fields and other sports grounds. It has a compact design for increased stability on steep terrain. As a result, it is ideal for working in areas with limited access.

Fleming offers both a standard and heavy-duty model. The heavy-duty model is also available in a front mounted model.