Fleming Tandem Lead Roller

  • All drums are air tested
  • Fitted with hardwood bearings for long life and low maintenance
  • Can be water filled for extra weight
  • Heavy duty 100mm structural box frame with over channel support and pick up eye
  • Lead roller can be set for use with either 2.5m or 3m following roller
  • Lead roller drawing arm can be folded for drawing rollers in-line for easy field access
  • Easily changed from transport position to working position, no heavy lifting required
  • 75mm steel shaft

Optional Extras

  • Scraper blade


This roller is ideal for large-scale farmers due to its ability to cover a large area of land at once. It is a cost-effective machine giving a high-performance level allowing the operator to cover high acreage in a shorter space of time. It has a working width of 10FT (3M) & drum thickness of 10MM.