Greencrop Separator System

  • Unique Sepcom Horizontal & Vertical Screwpress Separators
  • Three models available, Sepcom 015, 045 & 065
  • Output from 15M3/Hr, 45M3/Hr, 65M3/Hr (@ 30% Solids)
  • Work on a low-rate motor from 2.2KW up to 5.5KW


The Sepcom Separator is designed to mechanically separate solid and liquid fractions of fibre rich materials like animal manure. The unique techno-polymer screw is made up of easily replaceable sections, which reduces the running costs. This special screw rubs closer than the stainless-steel screw, which keeps the screen clear and gives a better separation. Another advantage of the Sepcom separator is the diaphragm outlet, this simple device allows a back-pressure to the separated material to increase separation and automatically adjusts to different slurries.