Storth Pro-Rope Scraper Systems

  • User friendly control panel
  • Intelligent “Cow Down” protection
  • Adaptable winch positioning
  • Heavy duty winch drive motor
  • Winch anti-wrap guards
  • HD 6mm steel corner roller boxes
  • High grade cast steel corner rollers
  • Standard, folding or sliding drag bars
  • Heavy duty floating scraper blades


Rope has become popular with many dairy customers who believe that rope could be the most cow friendly method of automatic slurry scraping. Storth’s ECO rope is a standard polyester type 20mm rope, suitable for sand laden slurry as well as normal slurry.

Pro-Rope is “the world’s strongest fibre”, used in many industries including the emergency services, military applications and off-shore drilling rigs. The 11mm rope is pre-stretched polythene which is much stronger than nylon alternatives.