Storth Static Slurry Pumps

  • Versatile range available in 125mm (5′) or 150mm (6″)
  • Multiple lengths 1.5m (5′) to 3.6m (12′) Bespoke lengths available.
  • Fully galvanised metal work for extended product life
  • High quality Rogelberg gearbox (540RPM)
  • Low power requirement from 45kW (60HP)
  • Large flow rates up to 818 M3/Hr (3000 gal/min)
  • Head pressure up to 2.7 Bar
  • Main drive bar slide protection bar
  • Low maintenance Storth wet run fluted bottom bearing
  • Super-efficient 4 blade impellor, 610mm (24″) drum
  • Available with or without manual agitator. 300° rotation, 90° head
  • Breakaway chain included


Storth offer a range of Superjet Static slurry pumps in 5″ or 6″ with the option of an agitator or without an agitator.

The Storth Superjet Static (no agitator) Slurry Pump is a PTO driven static pump, ideal for use in a reception tank to pump slurry to the slurry store. The heavy duty, fully galvanised frame ensures long-lasting performance from this machine. Slurry is delivered directly from the impeller drum to the male bauer discharge fitting.

The Superjet Static (with agitator) Pump is ideal for use when slurry needs agitating in the reception tank before pumping it into the slurry store. This pump is fitted with an under-surface agitator to the main delivery tube to divert the slurry, causing a high-pressure jet agitation. Moving a handle at the pump head diverts slurry up to the male bauer discharge fitting.