Storth Tank Wall Mixer

  • Available for steel or concrete stores
  • PTO and electric drive options
  • Fully galvanised to extend product life
  • Strong 2″ drive shaft
  • Special 2″ blockhouse bearing and slurry seal
  • Storth fluted rubber propeller bearing
  • Bolt on propeller
  • 600MM and 650MM propeller options
  • Flexible height adjustable legs and anchoring feet
  • Complete tank fixings (plate and rubber seal)


This slurry store mixer is ideal for regular use to help prevent crust build-up and sediment build-up in above ground slurry storage tanks. To prevent any vibration against the wall of the tank, the machine is fitted with five stabiliser legs which are anchored down to a concrete pad. Only the propeller is inside the tank to allow no obstruction of slurry movement.