Walter Watson Hydraulic Folding Cambridge Roller

  • Available in 6.3M or 8.3M
  • Rings – 560MM (22”) / 610MM (24”)
  • Ductile Rings (Optional)
  • Shatter Boards (Optional)
  • Stone Tray (Optional)
  • Axles – 65MM Solid Shaft (EN16T)
  • Bearings- 60MM Triple Seal
  • Centre Pivoting
  • High Quality 2 Pack Paint Finish
  • Hydraulic Brakes as Standard
  • 40MM Heavy Duty Ring Hitch
  • LED Lights as Standard
  • 6 Stud Heavy Duty Axle
  • 5 Flotation Wheels


The Watson 6.3M and 8.3M 3 section Cambridge Rollers with the addition of spring tine mounted Shatter Boards reduce cultivation time and cost. The extra weight of the Watson roller complete with Shatter Boards make this machine ideal for preparing a firm seed bed and producing even consolidation. This in turn gives excellent conditions for seed germination.